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A brilliant AI teaching assistant for every course

+ A powerful AI enabled management system to supercharge your human tutors

An 'AI+ Human' real-time tutoring and support platform for education

Tutello coordinates and optimises your available teaching resources to resolve student’s academic and admin problems on demand.

Human support +

Our AI provides students access to human support should they need it

Even great Chat AI has its limits. Our 'System AI' turns your human support resources into a smart network giving students access to tutoring and administration support on-demand.

AI Chat +

Our AI knows your courses and context and provides students with automated chat support

Tutello's 'Chat AI' first learns from your course materials and then consults with Open.AI's GTP-4 to provide World leading automated support

Peer network

Our AI activates, and rewards a peer-to-peer support network

Untap the limitless potential of knowledge sharing across your institution. Tutello connects people, intelligently and rewards them for their efforts
How it works

Our simple set-up and launch process is as follows:


Import your learning materials to create a specialised AI


Human tutors and support staff schedule their availability


Students message Tutello when they need help


Tutello's Chat AI attempts to solve student issue


Tutello routes query to available human if needed


Tutello's credit system coordinates system resources. Students spend credits. Tutors gain credits.
Our Custom AIs

Custom Chat AI

We build local AIs that liaise with OpenAI's ChatGPT to create a custom chat AI. This AI your context by integrating course materials and provides reference links back to them when students ask questions.

System AI

This AI connects and coordinates your human support network to manage system flows, optimise tutor-student matching and optimise availability of support.

AI you can trust

Our curated AIs include guardrails, hallucination mitigations and 'Key facts' checks to ensure your students receive the guidance you intend.
Our Custom AIs

Hot on integration

We understand that you don't need another silo. Tutello focuses on connecting people.
We turn to your systems for everything else.

  • SSO integration - SAML, AD, Okta
  • Integration with common SIS systems
  • API integration to common VLE/LMS platforms
  • Process integration with Microsoft Dynamics & SAP

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