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Enabling educators to increase the quantity and quality of tutorial support for students
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Understand how your students are progressing
Tutello's analytics dashboard provides insights into how your students are learning, identifying gaps in knowledge and content bases.

How can Tutello help?

Understand how your students are progressing.

Puts faculty in control

You determine the knowledge source and your human support structures are linked with an overview of all engagements.

Provides learning insights

Tutello's analytics dashboard highlights where the gaps are in your students' knowledge base.

Integrates with your LMS

Tutello seamlessly integrates with your LMS - Canvas, Moodle, D2L, Insendi and more available on request.

Inspires trust

Tutello has controls for data privacy, GDPR and IPR protection and has significantly reduced hallucinations in responses.
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Supercharge your human tutors

Harness the power of AI with our learning platform by combining AI Chat functionality with human support and peer network.

Human support

Even great Chat AI has its limits. Our 'System AI' turns your human support resources into a smart network giving students access to tutoring and administration support on-demand.

AI Chat

Tutello's 'Chat AI' first learns from your course materials and then consults with OpenAI's GPT-4 to provide world-leading automated support.

Peer network

Untap the limitless potential of knowledge sharing across your institution. Tutello connects people intelligently and rewards them for their efforts.

Enhance your tutoring with AI

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