Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about Tutello.

For Teachers

How can I be sure that the AI will not 'over-provide' and complicate a topic for students by going into too much detail?
In order to ensure that the information provided to students by AI is entirely relevant material, Tutello uses a 'custom' chat AI. We use your course details and course materials when students ask questions.  By building our own local AIs, teachers have control over what content their students are exposed to. Read our blog here for a further insight into this aspect of Tutello.
How can I track students' performance on the platform?
The platform employs advanced analytics to track your performance. AI algorithms can assess students' progress, identifying strengths and areas that need improvement which is presented to tutors through feedback reports. You can see patterns in student's questions and solutions, allowing you to tailor your own teaching, as well as patterns in content use and success, enabling continuous adaptation and improvement. ​
Can you explain the credit system for tutors and students?
Students are able to spend ‘credits’ which allow them to interact with the AI and Human, whilst tutors earn ‘credits’ via these interactions.
What technology requirements are needed to access the tutoring platform?
Tutello requires a web browser to function. You may wish to integrate Tutello in your institution’s learning management system but this is not essential.
Can Tutello be used in different languages?
Tutello can be used internationally. Our custom-AI functionality can respond through different language models and in multiple languages.
Can it be integrated with other platforms?
Tutello is extremely versatile and can be integrated with other platforms, such as Insendi, Microsoft Teams, Moodle, Canvas.
Why not just use a language model from OpenAI or another organisation? 
Tutello stands out as a Human + AI on-demand tutoring platform through its delivery of personalised learning experiences that cater directly to the course content. This unique blend integrates the expertise of human tutors with AI algorithms, ensuring relevance and specificity to each student's academic needs. Human tutors provide contextual understanding and guidance, complementing the AI's capabilities with interactive teaching methodologies that adapt to individual learning styles.
Can you expand on Tutello’s view on Data Privacy?​
Whilst you are using Tutello, you have control of your IP and your content stays on your own instance. We don’t use your data or content to train language models, nor will we leak data to third parties.​
What are the risks of AI providing incorrect answers or “Hallucinations”​?
Read our blog here on this topic:
If your local AI is using my course materials, how do I protect those valuable assets from being widely available over the internet?
Read our blog post here on this topic

For Students

How do I interact with the human tutor and AI during a session? ​
You will turn to Tutello to explore and better understand particular topics related to your course. You can ask questions to the AI-function, receiving support in real time. If you find you still have further queries and would like a human interaction, that is when you can either speak to an available tutor in real time or schedule a call for a suitable time. Functionality allows for tutor-teacher asynchronous engagement.​
Can tutors see my interactions with the AI?
When you escalate a query to a human tutor, tutors are able to see the topic area which you require assistance with. The human can then take over and continue to assist.
Who are the human tutors? 
The tutors on Tutello will be elected by your institution. They could therefore be your teacher, lecturer, support staff, assistant, professional or within a peer network.
What do I do if a human tutor is not available when I need to speak to them?
Tutello allows tutors to schedule their availability, so that if they are not immediately available then students can book in to speak with them. As soon as students refer their question to tutors, their previous interactions with the AI function are transferred over to the tutor who will be able to preview the area in which the students requires assistance.​
I am a Masters/phD student – can I sign up to be a Tutor?
Each institution can allocate whoever they deem suitable to be a tutor on Tutello’s platform.