Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a branch of computer science that focuses on creating systems and algorithms capable of performing tasks that typically require human intelligence. These tasks include learning, reasoning, problem-solving, perception, and natural language understanding.

AI Tutoring

A learning approach that combines artificial intelligence (AI) technology with human tutoring to provide personalised and effective educational support.


Within Tutello, 'Contexts' help deliver relevant answers to your students. You can give Tutello access to courses, files, video transcripts and more. Here you can create collections of content (known as Contexts) that you can then set Tutello to use for a particular cohort of learners.


EdTech, short for Educational Technology, involves the use of digital tools, platforms, and resources to enhance and support educational processes. It encompasses a wide range of technologies designed to improve teaching and learning experiences, from online learning platforms to educational apps and interactive multimedia resources.


In AI, guardrails refer to predefined guidelines, rules, or constraints that are established to manage and control the behaviour of artificial intelligence systems. These limits are set to ensure ethical, safe, and responsible use of AI by preventing unintended consequences, biases, or harmful outputs. Guardrails act as a regulatory framework to mitigate risks and ensure that AI applications operate within acceptable and desired parameters.


In AI, hallucinations refer to instances where language models, like ChatGPT, generate information that sounds plausible but is not actually correct. While it is challenging to completely prevent hallucinations, Tutello employs various safeguards, including transparency about the AI nature, providing reference links, offering context-rich input, conservative prompt engineering, controlling probability parameters, involving humans in the loop for correction, and conducting data analysis to minimize and manage the risk of hallucinations in their educational services.

Human in the Loop

An approach where human oversight is integrated into AI processes, allowing humans to monitor, guide, and correct AI-generated outputs. 


Integration refers to the process of combining different AI technologies, systems, or components to function cohesively and efficiently. Tutello, for example, can be integrated into other EdTech platforms such as Insendi, Moodle, Canvas, D2L etc.


​LLM stands for Language Learning Models, referring to AI models, like ChatGPT, that utilize extensive text data to learn and generate human-like text.​


These are protective measures and strategies implemented to minimize risks and ensure the reliability and accuracy of AI-driven tutoring services.