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Our Mission

We are members of an Edtech community that believes that digital technology still has vast, untapped, potential to enable all of us to learn more efficiently. We are working towards a future in which human educators work together with AI systems to enable students to learn a much greater volume of topics, at higher levels of complexity but with less strain and frustration.We focus is on using technology to enable personalised tutoring as we firmly believe this is the area with most potential to enhance learning. This view is widely shared by educators and also supported by research, most famously by Bloom in his seminal paper ‘The 2-SigmaProblem’, which demonstrated the remarkable positive effects of tutoring on learning outcomes.Tutello’s approach is to explore how human’s and AIs can work together to provide exceptional quality on-demand tutoring for students.If we succeed, we believe the results will be extraordinary.

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We are embarking on an exciting journey of discovery. If you are passionate about the positive potential of technology and agree with our mission above then please contact us and so we can explore how we can work together.