Our Purpose

Tutello has been created to maximise the benefits of integrating human support with AI to provide on-demand, quality tutoring within a clearly defined learning context.​​

Your personalised Tutello platform will equip students with the tools to explore and learn a greater volume of topics at higher levels of complexity, but with ease and the reassurance of human support.​​

Digital technology still has vast, untapped potential to enable humans to learn more efficiently.

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Our Vision

Personalised tutoring has been proven to yield remarkable results in improving learning outcomes. It is a view shared widely by educators, particularly since Benjamin Bloom’s seminal paper 'The 2 Sigma Problem’.​

However, maximising the benefits of tutoring faces two significant constraints. First of all, tutors often spend a significant proportion of their time on operational tasks that are not about the educational tasks where they add most benefit. Secondly, access to quality tutoring is heavily constrained by the availability and affordability of tutors. ​​

We are driven by a future that allows your students to maximise their potential with bespoke ‘Human + AI’ tutoring.​

Our Values